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Lily's Candles

We have been selling our famous candles for 14 years now. They are from Dayton, Ohio where a woman makes them for us out of her barn. All of our famous candles are soy-based and are hand poured.





Started in April 2008 as a secondary business for Dan & Jill, out of the back of a 1,500 square foot warehouse located in the back of an office.

We purchased the equipment from our manufacturer at the time who was going out of business.  “You can make candles drunk in your underwear” was his selling point to us.  Quickly we found this was NOT a good idea.  After a day of training we were off!

Within the first week, we realized we were in over our heads and should have paid more attention in Chemistry.  This was summer camp without the horses & lake but on steroids.  The first thirty (30) days became a HUGE learning curve.  Our idea of melt wax, pour in glass & sell became a harsh realization that it was a bit (LOT) more complicated.

By June 2008, we had four (4) candles, four (4) bath & body products, and twelve (12) fragrances.  We were all set to show at the Kansas City Gift Mart.  When the market ended it was better than what we had hoped for.  People liked the products we had produced.  Once the excitement died down, we were faced with the question of ‘Now What?’  Product, production, shipping, administration & more were now a reality.

After months of hard work & plenty of mistakes we learned quickly about major Do’s & Dont’s.

Feeling confident, in January 2009, we had signed up for a temporary booth at the Atlanta Market.  We developed six (6) new fragrances, four (4) new candles and six (6) new bath & body products.  We were all set.

The rest as they say is history.  Today we have over eighty (80) fragrances and fifty (50) products, shown in all the major markets with over seventy (70) sales representatives around the country to help sell our brand.  Mixture, now employees around thirty (30) people who work out of production facility which is now over 10,000 square feet.